"Baba" is the affectionate name given to the masseur in the YouTube video "World's Greatest Head Massage," filmed in Pushkar. It shows a man named Christian receiving a massage with applications of cosmic energy by Baba.

Many people use this video to help them relax
I can't stop watching that "World's Greatest Head Massage" video. I can almost feel Baba's cosmic energy through the screen!
by Synthetikaxia January 21, 2010
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a name for someone you love dearly, have known for many years and is very silly, only the most amazing people get the nickname baba
"maddy is my baba, i've known her since i was 2"
by babybagga July 27, 2020
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granchild: hello baba how are you?
baba(grandma): hello sweetie i am good how are you?

ex 2

me: i had to put the correct defintion of baba on urban dictionary because everyone else is wrong.

stupid person who doesnt know what baba means: oh
by crystal March 10, 2005
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1. A common word for "Father" in South Asia especially India and Pakistan; a word of respect used to address elders, saints, etc.

2. Indian slang for "baby". Taken from the English word, but then applied in other expressions: 'baba log' for baby people and 'missy baba' for little miss. During British rule in India, the male children of the British were often referred to by Indian servants as Baba Sa'ab and female children as Missy Sa'ab.
1. I reminded my brother that it was Baba's birthday this weekend.

2. The newborn baba was adorable.
by Desi Grl January 24, 2009
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Barbarians, a character from the computer game Diablo II.

The word "baba" is used by non-english speaking motherfuckers to mean Barbarian.
I have a level 25 baba.

by clamum March 08, 2004
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Baba means a saint in the Indian Language called Hindi
hey look there goes the BABA
by Ronit October 11, 2005
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Another name for thot ,whore,or slut most likely used by Brooklyn rappers or people from new york
Bro go scoop that baba and bring her back to the spot.

Where the babas at?

Tell ya friend whats the link facts I heard she a baba
by Jahh finnesse August 26, 2017
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