a hoe; a girl that is a thot.
“omg that’s really the newark baba you were telling me about”
by bbg.li January 04, 2020
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Character in Diablo 2, a game made by Blizzard North. Short for Barbarian.
-Sry, don't have BO
*all are lefting*
by Moff August 15, 2004
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A word created by Charl, having similar meaning to baby/babes/ etc. often stolen and used excessively by friends.
Heyyy Babaa.
Awh baba.
i love you baba.
by CharrllxD March 14, 2010
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Some people who are complete beasts, but are so immature they seem like babies
"Hey everyone Baba scored a try"

by mikey andreasson January 30, 2008
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Baba is the nickname my father gave me. My name is Barbara.

Other family and friends call me Baba, Barb, Barbie, or Babie (sounds like Bobby). This "Baba" also has "BA" letters starting my last name so if I am B.B. to some I am BA.BA to others. I consider it an example of an endearing nick name for Barbara.
by BarBarrella April 21, 2010
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