Shorthand slang for "Babalawo," a male priest of Orunmila, the same way "Iya" is shorthand for "Iyalawo" for those of the Santeria/Lukumi, etc. faith.
My Baba told me I will receive my elekes soon.

My Baba is a priest of Ifa.
by Mwatuangi December 23, 2016
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When something is hilarious, so you want to text “haha” but accidentally send baba because you have fat thumbs.
Ry: “Mark your calendar, we’re going to see Randall King. Baba”
AJ: “Baba?”
Ry: “I meant ‘haha’ but my fat thumbs hit ‘b’ instead.
by 1230AJ January 06, 2020
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Baby: "Where's my baba?"

Parent: "Here's your baba".
by Karen Stickney February 03, 2007
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Handsom,cute,sexyhas a big dick and gets girls
Baba is handsome let me give him a blowjob wow your dick is big thank you vennesa
by John .j. Young May 31, 2017
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A derogatory term for Brazilians; the term "ba-ba" is native to Hudson, Massachusetts
Joey: Since when has Massachusetts had so many ba-bas?
Pat: Since Brazil became Mexico #2.
by Jose Rivers October 28, 2007
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A name adopted by many lesbian parents who identify more as dads than moms. Also known as 'lesbian dads,' until the name Baba was used there wasn't a common name for those women whose strong masculine presence placed them somewhere between a mommy and a daddy.
My Mama and Baba read stories to me at bedtime
by karrie42 September 01, 2007
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Verb. To defecate. (Yorks/Hull/Notts use)
Noun. Faeces. (Yorks/Hull/Notts use)
"Right, nans, I think I need to go and baba!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 15, 2005
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