A name adopted by many lesbian parents who identify more as dads than moms. Also known as 'lesbian dads,' until the name Baba was used there wasn't a common name for those women whose strong masculine presence placed them somewhere between a mommy and a daddy.
My Mama and Baba read stories to me at bedtime
by karrie42 September 01, 2007
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A derogatory term for Brazilians; the term "ba-ba" is native to Hudson, Massachusetts
Joey: Since when has Massachusetts had so many ba-bas?
Pat: Since Brazil became Mexico #2.
by Jose Rivers October 28, 2007
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Another name for thot ,whore,or slut most likely used by Brooklyn rappers or people from new york
Bro go scoop that baba and bring her back to the spot.

Where the babas at?

Tell ya friend whats the link facts I heard she a baba
by Jahh finnesse August 26, 2017
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Character in Diablo 2, a game made by Blizzard North. Short for Barbarian.
-Sry, don't have BO
*all are lefting*
by Moff August 15, 2004
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