Kath's axe-wound was so big you could float a small toy boat in it.
by ratus May 28, 2007
Vagina. (Female genitalia (you know, where the cock goes))
"I bet my grandmother's axe-wound is saggy and dry, and riddled with gonorrhoea."
by Mike 5skinz February 7, 2006
A euphemism for the vagina, especially a very red one.
I was bangin' Gina last nite, and her vag was so red it looked like an ax wound.
by dan December 5, 2003
the vagina
when that girl bent over in that dress i saw her axe wound
by John December 26, 2002
A vagina in which the outer labia touch each other, completely concealing all other parts...leaving only a straight line. Like one chop from an axe. |
After she shaved off her pubic hair, it was like looking at Barbie's axe-wound.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
Well, its about time to go to the gynocologist and get the old ax wound checked out.
by chap500 June 17, 2009