A euphemism for the vagina, especially a very red one.
I was bangin' Gina last nite, and her vag was so red it looked like an ax wound.
by dan December 5, 2003
I could n't wait to slam my rod in the hotties ax wound
by jwd December 7, 2003
Kath's axe-wound was so big you could float a small toy boat in it.
by ratus May 28, 2007
the vagina
when that girl bent over in that dress i saw her axe wound
by John December 26, 2002
A vagina in which the outer labia touch each other, completely concealing all other parts...leaving only a straight line. Like one chop from an axe. |
After she shaved off her pubic hair, it was like looking at Barbie's axe-wound.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
Well, its about time to go to the gynocologist and get the old ax wound checked out.
by chap500 June 17, 2009