my axe is a song from the good band, ICP (Insane Clown Posse) it was a good song till these fatass mainstream bitches overused the song on the toxic app "Tik Tok" one even made a remake of it, sounds pretty ass to me- might as well scratch a glass plate with fork and call it music with that shit lmao
Emo bitch: "Hey have you listened to my axe by ICP!? It's pretty good!!"

Juggalo: "Shut the fuck up"
by p1ssbaby March 19, 2021
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superfluously tacked on to pretty much any sentence that ends in a noun.
Guy: we can take my car.
Person: AND MY AXE!
by porkosi trader January 3, 2009
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From LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring. When you are making a plan and someone decides that they want to be in on this plan, they say 'AND MY AXE' in a heavy scottish accent.
Leader: So we are going to sneak in here at night, put gnomes all over this dude's garden, get out again, are you all in?

Everyone else (in unison): AND MY AXE!!!
by wangdalfthegay June 15, 2006
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The words that Negan says to Rick when we all realize that's Rick is his BITCH
(Throws axe out of R.V) "Get my axe😡"
by Line Up April 28, 2017
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Playing my guitar (see Buddy Guy - "Just Playing My Axe")
"I was just playing my axe!"
by lizziearm June 17, 2017
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An expression of support for someone, referencing Gimli in Lord of the Rings.
"I am going to write a strongly worded e-mail complaining about the withdrawal of Cheetoh Flavored Mountain Dew."
"You have my axe."
by spacechief May 7, 2017
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