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n. used mostly as a hashtag to imply angry white man/men. Popularized by twitter and other media outlets to describe Trumpsters, supporters of Donald Trump.
Person 1 records a video of a white guy kicking the tire after his car broke down. Uploads to Facebook with hashtag #awm.
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by joshp July 04, 2016
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The real word for AWP, called arctic warfare magnum in real life. AWP is a cheapass weapon in CounterStrike, as it most of the time does one hit kills.
1337NESS Person: Its called an awp, retard.
by Daniel Han November 29, 2006
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The gun that dumbasses confuse for the AWP but in reality, it's basically an AWP that took a shit load of steriods, banged your mum, then your best friends mum, and then after that your entire family. Instead of shooting that pussy ass 7.62 round it shoots the fucking godly .300 Win Magnum or the even fucking bigger .338 Lapua magnum. It is featured in PUBG ( and possibly fortnite i have no fucking clue what that fucking caliber is honestly )
the cartridge used in an awm is probably bigger than your average dick.
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by SRPGShadow October 17, 2018
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weapons used by n00b who think they own when they play CS
omg, i got newbified by another awp... why dont you use colt or ak mofo?
by GoDLeSs April 05, 2003
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See AWP. It's the same thing.
"Stop using the AWM, it's a weapon for newbies!"
by Howie February 07, 2005
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He blocked me and then ranted about something being wrong with *my* comprehension. Just another AWM who can't handle the thought of a woman being rational.
by WebDevGurl June 19, 2018
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