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Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle, manufactured by Accuracy International, a British gunworks company. Uses 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) ammunition with 10 round magazine. Also uses notoriously known bolt action mechanism.
In the Counter-Strike (now six years old, but still most played and famous FPS multiplayer game, originaly a mod for the Half-Life game by Valve software), it uses .338 Lapua Magnum caliber, corresponding with AWM, Arctic Warfare Magnum sniper rifle. However, it also has 10 round clip, which isn't realistic because AWM uses only 5 round mags. So the hybrid weapon in CS combines better properties of these two weapons, both higher clip capacity and larger caliber (i mean better in game, because heavier caliber doesn't have to be advantage in real firefight).
In CS, the AWP is often considered an overpowered weapon, because it has ability that no other weapon has - it kills with just one shot almost anywhere in the target's body, excepting only legs and arms. If a limb is hit, the player has 15-19 HP (hit points) left. It is also the only weapon that kills with a headshot hit through an obstacle if the target has a helmet.
Buying/using of AWP is forbidden on many public servers by AMX weapon restrictions plugin.
In clan-wars, the sniper with AWP is very important element. 99% of professional clans have at least one sniper in the squad. A skilled sniper can totally change way the match is moving, as example, very good CT sniper can cover a bombsite so effectively, that the terrorist team either can't even reach the site or they can do that but with a large descrease of their count.
In my opinion, the AWP isn't overpowered, it's just easier to use for low-skilled players than the other weapons, beacuse such people are not able to score a headshot, so the AWP offers them to "override" their lack of skills. However, if they encounter an agile player (every at least mid-skilled one) they usualy can't hit him anyawy.
AWP is also very expensive, in clan-wars 4750$ can be incredibly large amount of money.
PublicPlayer1 (lowskilled): "hahaahhhahh im so fuckin skillzord i just pwned 5 players with awp!!"
PublicPlayer2 (midskilled): "yea u got really nice skills ^^ ... let's meet on the long next round, k?"
(Player2 owned Player1 with a hs from AK-47, having 100 HP left)
PublicPlayer1 (lowskilled): "omfg u stupid luckzor noob!! lets do it again u scary bitch, always moving from side to side!!"
(again the same)
Player1 dropped
Player1 has left the server

CWplayer (TeamSpeak): "alright, i'll buy an awp and go guard the B doubledoors"

by November 19, 2006
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The dreaded "one-hit kill (including hits to the arm/leg)" sniper rifle from Counter-Strike. Nothing beats it for long-range kills. Unfortunately, many people have been kicked for it's over-use.
"OMG AWP f4g!"
"AWP wh0re!"
"Fucking f4gg0t AWP camper!"
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
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AWP or known as the Arctic Warfare Police is a weapon in the game "Counter-Strike". One of the fan favourites. A pricy gun, but with a fast reaction time and aim, it pays off. It is a 1 shot to anywhere on the player except the leg.
Imma buy the AWP this round. Prepare for some KennyS playz.
by FeldyBush October 28, 2015
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Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle; can be chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) .338 Laupa (8.60x70mm), .300 Win Mag., or 7mm Rem. Mag.

British-made; uses the common (maybe too common) Mauser action; has an effective range of 800m for .308 variants and 1100+ meters for magnum varians. Despite what ignorant people think, the AW Police does NOT fire .338 Laupa; it actually fires a 7.62x51mm round (.308). It has a magazine capacity of 5+1 rounds. It is used by the Swedes, the German Bundeswehr, and of course, the Brits.

In popular culture, the AWP is known as the "ghey" or "n00b" weapon of Counter-Strike. I indeed agree, as it's overpowered. However, it requires more skill to use the Steyr Scout, as it is less powerful (it usually only kills with a headshot) -- but more experienced players use it for sniping, because it has a faster fire-rate and they can show off that they don't need an AWP to snipe. In my opinion, the Scout is the best sniper rifle in the game, followed by the AWP, then by the dreadedly lame G3-SG1.
1) I have an Arctic Warfare Super Magnum in my gunrack for hunting.

2) Why are you using the AWP if you're so skilled, nub?

"iph i'M @ n3WbI3 Why @m i kILL1NG yoU?"

*pwned with a USP*

"OMFG h4x0r!"

"Fuck off, newbie."
by Victor December 30, 2004
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A leathal "one hit kill" sniper rifle,
used alot in the counter-strike series.
know for its deadly accuracy and power.
"omg! that bloody awp rele ticks me off!"
by John February 15, 2005
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a gun in counterstrike that people complain about way too much. if you were good enough you would know how to defeat the fucking thing instead of always complaining.
fucking noob awped me again
stop complaining and shoot him nex time. fuck!
by dammit February 17, 2005
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Stands for Arctic Warfare Police, a police and counter terror version of the L96A1 Arctic Warfare Magnum. Made famous in Counter Strike as the rifle that makes you gay by people who complain about snipers.
OMFG j00 gay awp whore omg u fag OMFG!!!11111oneoneone
by Vic Viper Mk. II March 24, 2004
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