When you take a picture of yourself and you didn't feel like you were flexing but everyone else thinks you were.
Person A: "btw I know you were totally flexing in that pic"
Person B: "I wasn't! Maybe the position I was in created and automatic flex."

Person A: "damn my automatic flex is on point!"
by Avocado7 January 5, 2017
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When driving a standard, having someone in the passenger seat shift the car for you when you step on the clutch.
Jake was lighting a smoke so I pulled a mexican automatic and shifted gears for him.
by Shieldsdleihs November 10, 2010
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An "automatic bye" comes from the world of sports. It means that a team earns a good enough record to advance in a playoff or tournament without having to play another team. In other contexts, it basically means leapfrogging over a step in a process.
She landed that job without even having an interview. It was an automatic bye.

My favorite team got an automatic bye, advancing to the final round of the playoffs.
by artemis1968 September 12, 2013
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A place for college students in Chicago to live. Do not live there! Something that is nice to look at but when you move in everything gets turned around and it turns out to be a really bad place to live. The walls are thin and the internet sucks. You will find some awesome friends when living there, but do your best and avoid moving in.
Automatic Lofts Chicago IL
by LoftsStudent403 March 14, 2011
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Automatic Loveletter is an awesome band with a female singer, Juliet Simms, who will kick Hayley Williams ass any day. Their poetic lyrics are inspirational and have a great depth and meaning to them.
Tuma: I saw paramore in concert the other day.
Buttahman: Fuck yeah? Well I saw Automatic Loveletter, and they sing better and have better lyrics.
by Motato September 2, 2008
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Used in terms when you see a really sexy guy that could "automatically make you wett"
Nesi- "Omg Shelby do you see that guy over there?"
Shelby- "Who? Drevon?"
Nesi- "Yea, he's an Automatic Wett right there!"
by RudeJerk XD March 30, 2010
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catholic girls are just straight up AUTOMATIC. they're just bad like bcl-2 bro. they got you delirious even w/o that nasty up. you don't even need to be on any beers, especially not to the point of blacking out. only pure kapp mans would disagree. RED ALERT: not to be confused with autonicolimatic, unless you're on that raspberry-lemonade type of vibe.
catholic all girls schools? automatic.
catholic = automatic. that's just how it is.
by Twelve Express November 5, 2020
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