A common misspelling of the word retard. It can also be used ironically to mock those who cannot spell, or just for fun.
Dude stop being such a fucking restart
Are you restarted?
by Thim🅱️le November 22, 2018
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A misspelling of the word "retard" that means the same thing. Also a way to censor "retard" or "retarded" in a way that is publicly accepted as "retard" is seen as somewhat offensive.
"Wow so funny I didn't mean to yell at a restart"
by Mikael Montgomery July 8, 2020
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A secret substitute for the “r” word. Founded from phones autocorrecting the offensive word when typed in, into “restarted”.
Lexi, why are you acting so restarted?
by Hannahbaker13 July 2, 2018
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(v.) To shut down and start again.
I need to restart my computer because it's ghey.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 3, 2004
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Term used to describe a low skill IT support professional that doesn’t actually know how to fix device issues so just restarts the machine knowing it resets everything and at least works around the problem. ‘Restarts’ are typically low motivation, neurotic individuals, yet over their career amazingly can weasel their way to senior technology leadership positions (typically in academia).
Student 1: Hey buddy, you struggling with that pc again? why don’t you call support?

Student 2: Yeah, it’s hanging and crashing a lot, but you know they’ll just send one of their Restarts to look at it. Waste of time!

Student 3: hey, I heard they just promoted ‘the’ original Restart to Head of Technology now - can you believe it!

Student 1: oh what! come on, how? He couldn’t even fix a printer paper jam once…he got his balls caught in the output tray and split his scrotum.
by CrubClub May 17, 2023
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To start over of a unit or device, or when a person does something REALLY stupid. They need to restart.
Dude that was a dumb move, go take a nap restart and come back.

Steve, you're a dumbass restart. "What you mean retard?" Yes that too and now restart go take a nap.
by markddd October 28, 2010
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(v) The action of restarting of any dysfunctional electronic device, process or application in the hope that it consequently results in the inexplicable phenomenon of it operating in previous flawless functionality.
"The Internet is down. Let me magic restart the router."
"I think I need to perform a magic restart on my browser"
"After magic restarting everything worked as normal"
by Off For A Pint April 17, 2013
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