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bay area slang

interchangable with "tight", "clean", "dope",and similar slang terms

generally means cool

can describe a person, an object, or an action that makes a person appear 'cool'

may also be exclaimed when discussing something that is cool, with the context understood
Example 1:
Tim: Bruh, yo bapes is hella wett!

Example 2:
Brian: Ay bruh I seen you gettin at Keke at the function last night.
Jake: Oh yea, you seen her all over me then huh?
Brian: Yea I seen that, keep it pimpin bruh.
Jake: WETT!!!
by yayareavideovixxen November 24, 2007
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well a girls pussy is all slipery and wet
I'm wett for you!

You make me wett in bed.
by Anal Hunter March 17, 2005
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a word used mostly in the bay area by white guys or non ghetto black guys to describe something that's cool.
thats so wett
by chrisbrownslover April 22, 2011
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The act of being a sexy mf who also happens to be wet in the crotch.
by WettGang January 22, 2018
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