Someone who doesn't have a life and is emotionally involved with the company. He has a secret crush with the plant manager and the company owner. He will do anything for them even if it means neglecting his own family. The production manager has a distorted sense of power. A production manager talks badly to other employees about other managers. The production manager likes to humiliate lower level employees to put them in their place.
All of the dirty, stinky employees out on the floor hate the production manager and wish he would quit.
by maggie0285 April 16, 2017
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Having full accountability, but no authority over a product line.
We yelled at the product manager to compensate for our heads being up our asses!
by Chosney July 11, 2003
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That fucking dumbass thinks he could be our Production Manager, what an idiot.
by Ungawa August 25, 2009
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the product was a disaster and they blamed the face of the project , the product manager cooper.
by pizzaman10212232 August 10, 2017
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