Directional Influence; When you are flying off the stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl you hi the control stick in the opposite direction to slow your speed and power in that direction. Mainly to prevent you from going off screen, also a very good technique.
by FireFaux March 27, 2008
Davis Indyun
DI is short for Davis Indyun! The man himself
by The loom stone May 19, 2022
The program in which elementary, middle school, high school, and college students compete in challenges that test their creativity on many levels. DI stands for Destination ImagiNation.
My DI team is going to global finals!
by russiangirl4 March 8, 2007
It means Der Infinate
We have DI Cactus Cooler
by 1234je February 14, 2008
Digitally Imported Radio. A place for noobs in trance. A sissy forum with loosers posting nonsense most of time. Music on its radio sucks, but OK for newbies who later migrates / graduate to etn and alike.
Dude, DI is shit, I only log in for ASOT.
by Trance_Freak November 7, 2005
Donor Insemination

In artificial insemination, when a patient's eggs are fertilized with sperm donated by an anonymous male donor.
"I wanted a child, so I choose DI as the option for me."
by zero8 February 21, 2005
Divinie Intervention - California Surf/hardcore-Punk band. Big in the 80's.

punk rock
D.I. was a definitive Cali-Punk band.
by yo April 19, 2004