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An ancient ecological principle which is to be taken literally. Applies especially to heavy industrial chemical pollution, which when allowed to be generated and dumped freely into a closed ecosystemThe Earth due to laissez-faire environmental regulation and corporate neglect, generally results in deleterious effects to all organisms and human health.

Most Infamous example of corporate maleficence was the Bhopal Chemical Disaster.

Effects including but not limited to: Infertility, unplanned gender disruption, cancer, death, mental disability.
We've got Intersex Bass! Google it! We're next!

What do we do about it?

Don't Shit Where You Eat!
by gearhead78 July 7, 2017
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Corporate code word for "you've been terminated".
Production Manager: What do you think we should do with Bob and his team? They've been lagging way behind production quotas lately.

Engineer: We just got some new equipment today, the whole process can be automated!
by gearhead78 April 27, 2017
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Where you go when your country becomes a failed state.
Shit man, Chancellor Palpatine just signed executive order 66. All jedi are now enemies of the state. Good thing I've got a Backup Country.
by gearhead78 March 8, 2017
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