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A place where most people (both in video games and in fiction) go to in order to get to somewhere much more easily, mainly consists of 1 to 3 green warp pipes.
Sorry if I'm here at school half an hour early, I took a warp zone to here instead of the bus.
by epic343 November 11, 2013
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One of the strangest and oddest games to come out of the gaming industry, the game was released for the Playstation 1 in October of 1998 by Osamu Sato, who has also been known for his work on Eastern Mind: Lost Souls of Tong-Nou, a point-and-click game made for Windows computers. Gameplay-wise, the game is mostly based on exploring simulated dreams, which mostly works through a transportation system the game calls "Linking," most of the worlds you traversed through the game range from parks with miniature version of the most famous monuments, to a town filled with colorful and psychedelic faces, each dream mostly lasts for about 10 minutes or shorter. When the dream ends, you are shown a graph that displays how your dream went, there are 4 main directions on this graph, Upper, Downer, Static, Dynamic, each outcome of your previous dreams affects the ones you have, for example, if you had an Upper dream previously, your current dream should be slightly more cheerful with more colors, or if you had a Downer dream previously, your current dream will be filled with more ominous and disturbing themes and darker colors, while Static and Dynamic make more or less NPCs and in-game occurrences appear in future dreams. After you are shown how your dream went on the graph, you are then returned to the game's title screen where you can start your next dream.
Sure, Cho Aniki was weird, but LSD: Dream Emulator is even weirder, I'm not even sure how the programmers were able to design a game like this...
by epic343 July 19, 2013
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When you break the wind, but without making a single noise doing so.
Jake silent farted last night and left everybody confused on why it started to smell so bad all of a sudden.
by epic343 December 2, 2013
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Formerly meaning a way to describe those with the developmental disorder autism characterized by a lack of social skills, extreme/low intelligence (depending on the severity), and other odd behaviours, it is now an insult/slang term used by trolls/failtrolls alike when they can't say anything better or think that it's cool to use a developmental disorder as an insult.
Normal YouTube Comment Section:

User: *commenting on a Minecraft vid*
Troll: What are you? Autistic??
User: No. ._.
Troll: Yes, autistic. lol

Oh look! It's a troll using autism as an insult! That hasn't been overdone by millions of other trolls in the last 2 years! *derp* (It is, but you should get the sarcasm implied here.)
by epic343 February 14, 2015
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