originated from the loss meme that never should’ve become popular, “is this loss” is a term commonly used by those who become emotionally inarticulate in times of deep sorrow and can only express their grief with memes
someone: I’m so upset that X died
me: is this loss
by its_not_delivery September 6, 2018
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Joe: Hey Randy
Randy: Fuck you Joe
Joe: Your loss bro
by Nemonelimious April 15, 2016
A meme overused by Indy aka @manicstoner
Indy: loss 👏👏😪😩 is 😩🅱️😪 in 😪🇬🇷🅱️👍🤧👍 everything 👍🤧😤🤩
by lossenthusiast August 17, 2018
Loss- a meme that was popular a few years ago and has made a comeback with a few Instagram pages such as @/ manicstoner , aka: Indy
Indy:look as this new loss meme from 2014

Followers: no more please
by Aween August 20, 2018
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There are 2 people in this world... those that get it, and those that don't.

(this is loss btw)
by TerraByt3 April 16, 2021
When you can't find words to describe what is going on.
A man with a handlebar moustache rides by you on a pink pony with a purple tail while carrying a box of dynamite and a sparkler. You turn to your friend and say, "Did you see that?" and she says, "Yes, I'm at a loss."
by dr.noise June 7, 2010
bad meme overused by @socks.without.sandals
socks: | || || |_

everyone: yo wtf do u know things other than loss
by gaymango June 2, 2018