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being famous for something not good
Charles Manson is infamous for killing a ton of people and starting a cult.
by Tommy F. September 08, 2005
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someone that is well known for doing something bad
everybody knows scarface Tony Montana the infamous , Cuban immigrant that takes over a drug empire and went out like a G (Gangsta) at the end..
by badboibabi October 12, 2006
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best fucking game ever. one of the main reasons to buy a ps3, you are cole, a delivery boy. one of your deliveries blows up and you end up with completely fucking awesome powers. you can choose to be a hero or villain throughout the game.
john, "dude! i just killed four reapers with one shock grenade in inFAMOUS!"

edi, "really? thats cool but i have something better, i once shock waved a guy off a building, jumped down into a puddle and waited for him to fall in, get up and die"
by gunman23 September 25, 2009
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An exclusive to Playstation 3 game, created by Sucker Punch. Supposedly very similar to Prototype. The game features a guy named Cole Macgrath, who develops kickass lightning powers.
Spoilers: In infamous, the main villian is YOU from the future.
by TheGuyThat'sBehindYou August 11, 2009
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Someone or something that is famous for having a bad reputation.
Infamous moments in pop culture include: the puffy shirt on Seinfeld, Tom Cruise's couch-humping (I mean jumping) incident, and of course Paris Hilton.
by AJV14 July 22, 2008
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Being well-known for having a negative impact on society, a community, and/or the world. Someone who is infamous is well known but not respected/liked by anyone.
Hitler is an infamous leader.
by Xax January 28, 2006
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