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An athlete that makes an unbelievable ass of himself in the public eye.
Tiger Woods is an asslete for cheating on that gorgeous wife of his.
by fsulaurie December 02, 2009
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A person who prefers to be involved in "sport-related activities" rather than "sports". The activities often involve watching sports, playing sport themed video games, wearing team jerseys around town (when you aren't on that team), etc.. Meaning, they sit around on thier ass more than get up and play.

Also: Assletic, Assleticism.
Dan: (Wearing basket-ball jersey) Hey there Tom!
Tom: (wearing basket-ball jersey) Hey Jake! I never knew you liked basket-ball aswell. You want to shoot some hoops sometime?
Dan: Naw, man. You'd kick my ass. I'm more of an asslete.
Tom: Oh, true. Maybe we could play some videogames then.
Dan: That's more up my alley.
by MegWils September 01, 2009
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describing someone keen on their sport to the point of being an asshole.
Jeff won’t stop going on about his fucking triathlon and how he only eats pasta and can’t drink, what an asslete.
by Matterbox September 21, 2019
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Athlete (especially professional) who routinely acts like an ass, especially if they suffer no serious consequences.
Ron Artest attacked the fans. What an asslete!
You think he's bad? How about Randy Moss not getting charged for trying to run down a traffic cop? Now THERE's an asslete!
by MattMan January 16, 2005
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To have game on a professional level.
M-Dawg: Look at that monster on his arm, she's a dime.
G-Money: Dawg, Game perfected. He's a str8 Asslete!
by Tha shiz March 18, 2004
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A gay male athlete
That asslete really enjoys showering with the team
by Savage3 July 10, 2008
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