immature,underdeveloped cerebral cortex,unfit for real world survival
Jimmy scored ninety on the I.Q.test. What a brainlet!
by TinFoilHatGuy May 11, 2017
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somebody who has a very small brain and can't make simple decisions
"Liam doesn't use his shield, what a brainlet
by PoobMeister August 16, 2019
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Someone associated with having a low iq and a below average common sense.
by Kaprie April 27, 2018
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Individuals that search their names on Urban Dictionary and share the definition with others in order to feel good about them seleves. These people generally have IQs equivalent to that of small fish and think that Lelepons is funny.
by go commit neck rope July 12, 2018
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Someone with severe mental retardations.
Just like a manlet is a half-man, a brainlet is someone with half a brain or endowed with a very small amount of grey matter.
Billy: "Hey dad i microwaved the cat to dry his fur after the bath and he just exploded wtf"
Dad: "You're a fucking brainlet Billy"
by emonaznes September 7, 2017
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a complete moron, someone so stupid it's unbelievable they've not been killed off by their own stupidity
"why did you do that? you're such a brainlet."
by vincent van no thanks May 17, 2022
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