(adjective) Term applied to a person’s behavior who is being a very unpleasant personality to everyone around them. Alcohol consumption or Xanax abuse frequently precipitates such unbecoming behavior but that is not a requirement, as some people can have a great deal of negative energy and possess a very rotten and undesirable personality and existence .
Langdon worked at the regional jail, but he really shouldn't have. Fuckin’ weirdo had some type of feces obsession, but that wasn't even why I call him assholic, no not at all. Moher fucker got off on taunting and fucking with the poor defenseless prisoners there sometimes his true bullshit assholic personality he wouldn't put away and would be on full display for Mom and Dad.....but I did catch him eating some shit out of one of his male coworker’s ass in his bedroom. He doesn't know it, but I told Mom about it.
by Nikki Stixx April 8, 2021
adjective describing someone or something that has the qualities and/or characteristics of an asshole.
That priest gave a really assholic sermon today.

by berserker256 May 18, 2003
Of, relating to, or being like an asshole. ie. cruel and unusual behavior, unsensitiveness, et cetera.
That was real assholic of you to humiliate that guy like that.
by candor March 13, 2003
noun: Someone who repeatedly and compulsively behaves like an asshole
adj.: describing the behavior of aforementioned person
As he raged on for the fifth time that week, she began to realize he had a problem—he was an assholic. And at that moment, she realized she was not to blame for his assholic behavior—the problem was his, not hers.
by Erin Merritt November 11, 2006
God, this teacher is so assholic.
by reynneth March 25, 2009
1) Type of behavior that an asshole would engage in.

2) One who suffers from chronic assholism.
1) "Yo, did you see Tim punch that little dude in the face?!" "Yeah, that was pretty assholic."

2) After months of dealing with his mood swings and tirades, the employees agreed that their boss was an assholic.
by mjboogie November 21, 2006
Someone who is such an asshole, that other assholes look at them and say "...Now THAT GUY'S an asshole!"
Rob? Man, he's not an asshole. He's an asshole's asshole.
by Hofstra90 September 5, 2019