To get someone angry or mad. Usually used by kiddies in IRC and Games when cheating and other players get mad.
Cheater: Wow, it's just a game, stop getting so raged.

IRC_User: Dude, stop banning me, plz, kthx.
Banner: Hahaha, so raged.
by Deceptik0n July 12, 2005
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"Quake3: Challenge ProMode Arena" slang culture.
I raged arqon 2ez yesterday m8s. banned from #promode again.
by sif May 15, 2005
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rage, raged, raging

Primarily used by clan myg0t

1. A word used to express ones anger.
2. The act of irritating one to become raged.
I saw a raged migit today!
I'm going to go rage a Counter-Strike server.
by [abrade] nova December 26, 2003
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To party extremly hard: Excessive drinking, taking of pills, boozing or any combination of the three.

Not possible to remember the previous night...
by Cypress Ryan May 13, 2006
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Extreme and uncontrollable anger. The person who posesses it is most likely to act it out, violently.
by Game mode 0 October 10, 2016
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1. "Dude, did you see my brosef total our Camry?"
"Yeah, he was raging it too hard"

2. "I just got a 30 rack and a fifth of vodka"
"KID rage it"
by dude kid August 6, 2007
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