1. milder form of asshole. comes from old online forums. all swearwords, including any combination of "ass" and "hole" was considered vulgar and would get your message censored and possibly flagged, but "ass" was just fine. so ppl used "ass hat" cuz everyone knew what you were referring to plus you avoided censorship and web filters.

2. ppl now use it to refer to brownnosers or bull-headed douchbag asshole bosses.
"Look at the asshat typing in all caps all the time. What a douche bag."

"dude my dillhole boss put a profanity filter on the company internet servers. what an asshat."
by lurpy January 31, 2008
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One who shows so much ignorance to the world around them that it seems as though their head has been shoved into their rear-end, using it as a hat.
Idiot: 9/11 really happened on 9-11???
Person making fun of idiot: No shit, you asshat.
by kikurasshat April 02, 2009
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Someone who is a douche, but 1000 times more annoying. Thus, their head is so far up their ass that it is a hat.
i.e. Michael English.
Michael English is an asshat.
by zoe2001 June 03, 2009
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A contemptible person


asshattery (noun)

asshattedly, asshatted (adjective)
asshats (plural)
My supervisor is an asshat - I resent being his subordinate.
by Urbepedia April 14, 2010
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The inability to process mental reasoning or common sense. Thus wearing your ass as a -10 Intelligence hat.

See also Forseer, Imalilteepot
Shouldn't a Hunter or Rogue be able to pull one at a time? He is such an asshat!
by Bueller aka asshat March 19, 2007
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*Man riding unicycle in middle of traffic*
Get outta the road you asshat!!
by GVILLEJESS April 29, 2008
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