The act of quickly masturbating after having sex with an unattractive woman with the intentions of not getting caught.
After finishing of Shelly I had to pull one because her services were not up to par.
by Realnigga21 April 11, 2015
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Mike: I swear, last weekend I went fishing and caught a 25 pound bass!
James: Are you for real, or are you just pulling my leg?

When you told Harold that he won, you were just pulling his leg, right?

To pull one's leg you have to be clever.
by The Real Skootch November 4, 2005
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Having a wank
Alright lads, I'm just going to pull one off
by Lad10 November 3, 2013
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Pull (stroke) cum out of your cock. aka masturbate.
I was trying to pull one out while watching that porno.
by zach December 20, 2004
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1. To hang out and chill

2. To get blazed or drunk out of your mind

3. A gathering of friends who just have fun together
by aconfusednihilist November 22, 2019
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Pulling one out as a DJ


I need to record one more hour of sick grooves, bro

Pulling one out for the DJ
Pulling one out with the DJ
Pulling one out for guestlist
Pulling one out as the DJ
by Henk H December 16, 2022
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If a man was to cum after one pull of his 'man stuff' ...
by Truth? May 8, 2009
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