Originally used on the TV series Beavis and Butthead, presumably because you can't say dickhole on TV.

A mild insult.
Get away from me, you dillhole!
by Vance January 5, 2004
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often used on "That 70's show" a phrase some person uses to describe another as a: dickhole only this is not as vulger as the word "dickhole"
by MR.RVD May 2, 2007
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An individual lacking common sense or maturity.
"Stop kicking me you dillhole!"--Ryan
by Ryan Dixon September 27, 2004
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1. An individual lacking intelligence, people skills, compassion, and a human soul.
2. A dough head.
My boss Peter is a dillhole. Even other dillholes look at him and say "What a dillhole!"
by Uncle Matty July 25, 2004
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1. The urinary meatus; The pee-hole.
The bitter end of the human urinary tract.

2. A person not acting according to your likes.
1. Had to go see the doctor this morning, as it burned so badly when I urinated I learned a new dance.

2. Joe! Pass the ketchup and stop being a dillhole.
by ButtFuzz December 31, 2014
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someone who is totally useless at everything. Essentially the same as a "Bungmunch." Someone totally worthless.
"That guy is the biggest dillhole I've ever known. His mama even thinks he sucks."
by A. Cunning Linguist August 21, 2003
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1. a dumbass (see dumbfuck, fuckhead, asswipe) who is constantly bitchy or always late for mundane shit.

2. a hole in a dill (what the fuck is a dill.)
My friend is a fucking dillhole.
by Bud Wise May 19, 2004
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