A trait that people have when they can stand up for themselves without being rude.
"I think he is rude."

"No, he is assertive."
by Summerselection July 11, 2015
Professional character displaying high self esteem. Often demonstrates their high self worth by owning at online games. Will change their name often as an attempt to avoid detection by fellow online gamers so as to facilitate a few more moments of owning before being kicked by the community. Their scientific name is Owneddist Extremist.
Player 1: Wow that guy's GOOD!!!

Player 2: Oh No Its Assert!!

Player 1: Kick him before he Owns us!!

Player2: F11!!

*Assert has Left the Game*
by GamingCommunitysWorldwide October 4, 2018
It means when you are going to fight someone or when ur about to fight someone and have beef with them if you are going to fight someone u will ‘assert’ them
by Asserter November 14, 2019
A smart way of saying rude. A cover up for the word rude.
*two girls having a chat*
Girl 1: “I’m very assertive
Girl 2: “No you’re not, you’re just rude”
Disingenuous: lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically

Assertion: positive statement or declaration, often without support or reason: a mere assertion; an unwarranted assertion.

put the two together and you have Disingenuous Assertions so I'll dumb it down for you people

Disingenuous Assertions: pretty much lying to make someone look good and something that so infuriating that it makes soldiers want to punch reporters
by Bushyfro May 25, 2011
1. Eat grapes, but only half of each
2. Take a taco bell taco from your friend, take a bite off of the the bottom, and then give it back.
He decided to Assert Dominance while at taco bell, because the employees wouldn't play Despacito.
by frick_I_dropped_my_cabbage December 7, 2020