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A euphemism taken from the term peer support group. Simply means a group of people that you drink beer with. Especially a group of people that seem to gravitate towards the heavy side of drinking. Most likely a support group of borderline alcoholics, helping each other cope with life's challenges by drinking.
Stacey: Can you come out to dinner tonight?

Dan: Nah... gotta drop in on the old beer support group..

Stacey: Awww.... I'm so proud of you. It's nice to have a boy friend that gives back to the community.

Dan: I know.... it isn't always easy but my brothers need me... (opens a beer)

Stacey: mmwahh
by qorn48 July 14, 2011
A common sexual practice.
This involves taking naps between acts of sexual intercourse in order to recover and gain an energy boost for the next session. Couples may drift between sleeping and sexual intercourse numerous times with no verbal communication or other activities outside of the bedroom.
This is probably the most productive way a couple could spend a sunday. I.e. in bed and fucking.
Joe: How was your weekend man?

Peter: Pretty mad... spent all of Saturday and Sunday cat napping with the missus.

Joe: Awesome... wish I had a cat........

Peter: ?
by qorn48 July 4, 2011
An abbreviation. In the world of cycling and mountain biking this term is short for pedestrian. It especially applies to those who see you riding on the foot path and yet do not get out of the way, forcing you to dismount from your bicycle and partake in the gayest form of physical activity (i.e. walking). Cyclists often consider this type of pedo with more contempt than they would child molesters.
Man riding bike. Fat pedestrians in the way, walking extra slow..


"Fuck off hippie", replied the pedo.
by qorn48 July 14, 2011
A euphemism. Commonly used by arrogant, aggressive and disrespectful people to put a positive spin on their behaviour.

Also used by normal folk to describe primitive beings who feel it necessary to crush or dominate everyone and everything around them.
Linda: I'm not being a bitch! I'm being assertive... I have every right to tell you what to do and how to live if I disagree with it...

Mike: Uhh... you're a biatch....

Garry: That new manager's quite assertive...

Pat: Yep, quite assertive.... so assertive I want to go home and puke (spoken with delightful sarcasm)
by qorn48 July 14, 2011