What happens to you after eating undercooked burgers at Five Guys.
(after spending 20 minutes in the bathroom)

Friend 1: Dude, are you OK?
Friend 2: I now know what it feels like to be ass raped by five guys.
by Kericr December 27, 2007
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1. To be royally hooped, whoomped, and embarassed.

2. To try your new, witty humor/joke on a friend/coworker first only to find that they used it before you on a crowd and took 100% credit for originality.

3. To never stand a chance of winning the game, the girl, or the job.
1. Wow, you got assraped when the professer asked you that trick question!!!

2. BoB, "He totally assraped me! That was my joke!"
Jane, "OK Bob, we all know how witty you are! Let someone else have the spotlight for once!"

3. You totally assraped me during that game of basketball!

That girl sure assraped your ego!

You got assraped on that promotion! That new guy may know his stuff, but you always... show up early!
by RockBottom May 05, 2006
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when a certain restaurant has u working
40 hrs a week for 2.13 an hour and play bitch to the waitress for that time so you can make a good tip share. Then find out that your tip share has been "lost". Treated like shit all day long and your doing this for your a relative who guilted you into working there in the first place.
i was assraped my employer today. over and over and over and over.
by steven newcomb March 31, 2003
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