person from venezula. venezuelan has the most beautiful women ^__^
that lady
by hUrLeY LuveR June 29, 2003
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A person that his family comes from venezuela , Venezuelans normally are beautiful people but with a language very vulgar
My friend is a Venezuelan that has internet every 2 weeks
by TheIceToaster October 22, 2019
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People that live in or derive from Venezuela, a Communist country in South America thats ruled under Hugo Chavez, the biggest ignorant shit in the world.

Venezuelans also have the arrogance and pride of Argentineans, but are annoying ass loud mouths like Cubans. They also can't go two words without saying "Verga" or "Marico".

The worst type of Venezuelans, hands down are the Maracuchos, who before even opening there mouth have already said "Verga" twice and have made five comments about your mom in bed.
Guy 1: Wow, that guy Jose is a real asshole, and he keeps calling me "Marico"
Guy 2: Yeah, he's probably one of those Venezuelans.
by Flux Pav424 April 6, 2011
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A word meaning "white people" that you use when you don't want others to know what you're talking about. Similar to 2520. Derived from white people -> crackers -> Caracas -> Venezuelans.
Juan: "All right, finally here. Hope this party is good."
Hiroshi: "Word."
(walk in)
Juan: "Shit, man. This looks pretty lame."
Hiroshi: "I know, right? Lots of Venezuelans in here."
Juan: "Sweet, I'm Venezuelan."
Hiroshi: "No, I'm talking about 2520s, you know what I'm saying?"
Juan: "Oh... Yeah, it's totally like a country club in here. Won't be long before a game of croquet or water polo breaks out. I FUCKING HATE WHITE PEOPLE!"
(music stops and everyone stares)
Hiroshi: "Damn dude, so much for subtlety. Let's blow this bitch."
by Nicholas D July 28, 2012
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People who was born or raised in Venezuela
"I'm venezuelan" " that girl from the club was venezuelan"
by g77f0 July 20, 2021
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Is when a large group of men and women convene in a pool and defocate uncontrollably.
Person 1: Hey man, that party was pretty crazy last night.

Person 2: Totally man, especially when Kevin and Jenny started that Venezuelan Steamer in the pool.
by ThunderHobbit January 23, 2014
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Italo-Venezuelans are the Venezuelan citizens of Italian descent. The word may refer to someone born in Venezuela of Italian descent or to someone who has emigrated to Venezuela from Italy. Among European Venezuelans, Italians are the largest groups of immigrants to settle in the country.
Examples Of Venezuelan-Italian s include

Jaime Lusinchi. President of Venezuela (1984-1989)
Raul Leoni. President of Venezuela (1963-1968)
Agostino Codazzi. Geographer, Cartographer, Military Officer, Governor
Renny Ottolina. Artist, TV Anchor, Politician
Pompeo D'Ambrosio. Financial Manager, Vice-President of Bank
Johnny Cecotto. Sportman (moto & race cars)
Daniela Di Giacomo. Miss International 2006
Ivan Palazzese. Sportman (moto)
Franco De Vita. Artist, Singer, Composer, Pianist
Marco Scutaro. International Baseball Player
Italo Pizzolante. Poet, Composer, Musician
Viviana Gibelli.
Gerardo Lazzo (Me)
by Mr Lazzo March 18, 2009
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