Someone uses this phrase while asking a question. They claim to be asking for a friend, when they are in fact asking for themselves.
by Ash1355 September 20, 2015
something you say when you ask someone something weird but don’t want it to seem like you’re actually asking it
person a: "if a human and a dog conceived, would the female get pregnant and give birth to a humandog? asking for a friend."
person b: wtf
by mouthrat December 28, 2022
Used when someone knows the questioning is stupid or embarrassing and doesn't want to take the blame for asking such a question. Everyone knows they're really asking for themselves, but they pretend their conscience is clear.
What sex position do dolphins like best? Asking for a friend?
by ZenB22 November 2, 2018
Usually people will say this when they’re asking for themselves but to embarrassed. Some people are actually asking for a friend when they say this but people still assume they’re talking about themselves.
Jennifer: is your cousin single? Asking for a friend.
Todd: do you like him?
Jennifer: no, I’m actually asking for a friend. I’m not gonna say who though.
by nutella137 July 21, 2020
A lie told on the internet in a futile attempt to lessen embarrassment after asking an embarrassing question.
"Is it weird to find anthropomorphic foxes sexy? I'm asking for a friend."
by The-Rizzmeister September 13, 2016
Ask your best friend that you have a crush out day!
You: “hey how you doing” keep it simple like friend related then wait for them to respond them:“hey,I’m doing good how about you”you: “I’m doing good can I tell you something? Them: “yes what is it?” You: do I have this crush but don’t know how to tell him/her” them: “just tell him/her that you like them” you: ok then I like you and I have feelings for you!” It’s national ask your best friend out day!!
by Emma rancagua November 14, 2020