A way of saying to keep doing what you’re doing and go off. Commonly used in TikTok. It is a compliment to show that they shouldn’t stop what they’re doing.
Susan: *Does well on a test*
Karen: “Yes girl, as you should!!”
by sittingchimp September 30, 2020
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Some shit instagram thots comment on a bitches pic. Prob means slay or some shit I don’t know
Omggg queen as you should” or “As you shouldddd babygirl 😍😍”
by goldshit December 1, 2017
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you should
you should
by Krkič April 6, 2019
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An AAVE term to tell someone they need to keep doing what they’re doing
“i just opened my own business!”

as you should
by lovepizza200 February 2, 2021
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A phrase commonly used when someone/thing ought to get'em.
Should I whack off with peanut butter covering my wiener and a cucumber in my ass?

by Jiz rag March 14, 2005
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Usually a phrase used when talking over social media or text; when someone is messaging you and they don't want to talk.
They use the time of day as an excuse to ignore you.
You: 'hi how was your day'
Them: ' you should be sleeping'

You: 'oh I'm not tired'
*message seen 10.32pm*
(Next day)
You: "how come you didn't reply to my message?"
Them: "I thought you were sleeping"
by Definamy November 20, 2014
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