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A way of saying to keep doing what you’re doing and go off. Commonly used in TikTok. It is a compliment to show that they shouldn’t stop what they’re doing.
Susan: *Does well on a test*
Karen: “Yes girl, as you should!!”
by sittingchimp September 30, 2020
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Also known as a pussy fart, muff puff, and other names, a queef is flatulence from your vagina.

Women usually queef after sex, as air has been caught in the vagina, causing them to queef. But, they can queef at any time so long they have air caught in their vagina.

Queefs do not smell like a fart usually would, because it’s just air.
Did you hear Ashley queef? That pussy fart was a big one!
by sittingchimp May 13, 2021
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abbreviation for “you know what i mean

used to explain something and ask the person if they understand
that thang bleedin to the- ykwim?!
by sittingchimp May 13, 2021
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