When you go to bed with a stunning blonde and wake up next to fat Bob's granny. It is then that it dawns on you that when purchasing your beer goggles you REALLY should have gone to specsavers.
Guy1: Dang, i swear she at least had legs when we was in the club

Guy2: Yeah....You should have gone to Specsavers.....

by r3dfox December 19, 2007
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Fat Thor holding a hammer and an axe trying to kill papa Thanos with a rock collection and forgot about bringing Ant Man to fight Thanos.

Also found in Death Note where Saitama got sniped by Goku just because he forgot to go for the Ant Man on Goku's head.
Thanos:"You Should Have Gone For The Head."
by Suzushina Yuriko May 10, 2019
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What somebody says when they took a bad beat in a fight, but the person they fought got it even worse.
“Damn bro is that black eye from the fight at the club last night?”
You should see the other guy
by Black mass December 17, 2020
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A way of telling someone that they are earth-shatteringly, jaw-droppingly stupid.
I find your ill-informed positions to be vapid and absurd. I feel a shooting pain in my skull every time you speak. You should run for vice president!
by Club Ed October 5, 2008
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Things that most people Google anyway, or find comment that explains all these things and you realize why you shouldn't Google them or Google them and stay scared for life
Video: these are things you should never google
Me: Google it anyway
Me 10 minutes later: I SHOULDN'T DONE THAT
by Legend 18 12 October 21, 2023
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If you are going to but a house full of pizza for 18 dollars, and you found another deal for 43 dollars, which deal is better?
"you should have bought a squirrel."
by heyylaurenn! March 21, 2008
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