a reply to whenever someone says someone is attractive.
"hey that supermodel is pretty hot"

"you should bone her"
by John Sim August 5, 2004
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A funny, and quick way of saying "In hindsight". A reference to something done in the recent past that led to something going wrong, something that didn't have to happen if the person made a different choice.
Instead of saying: You know, in hindsight, you really didn't need to drink seven cups of coffee. Now you've made yourself sick.

Just say: You should have bought a squirrel.
by Patience Q Jones March 1, 2023
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Did the teacher forget to assign homework?

Was your neighbor complaining about overgrown hedges?

I just thought you should know(IJTYSK) will ALWAYS be there to relay these messages!

IJTYSK is typically used as a preceding comment, meant to soften the blow of inevitable bad news.

Usage of IJTYSK as a trailing comment is not uncommon, thought more in line with southern classic "Bless your heart"
"Class dismissed!"

"I just thought you should know...you didn't assign weekend homework"

"I just finished my first 5k!"

"I just thought you should know...over 5 million people run a 5k at least once a month."

"This restaurant is great, the owner is so friendly."

"I just thought you should know...he doesn't pay his taxes and cheats on his wife."

"I just made an entry in to the Urban Dictionary!"

"I just thought you should know...anybody can add anything to Urban Dictionary, it's not an accomplishment. It's like bragging that you got accepted to Facebook."
by Jack from Sacramento September 7, 2018
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Suck their cock
Things you should do for someone you love

When daddy, and daddy love each other sooooo much, they suck each other's cock, and peg untill they can't walk.
by Willysnacher1234 May 16, 2023
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Basically every ad on the internet. Ever.
Wow an ad! "5 foods you should never eat again to cure cancer!"
Tf is this...
by Nomb317 March 24, 2017
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The first thing you should ever say to a friend/anyone after you/anyone cause physical pain towards that person in any area of their body.
*Kid falls off bike*
Kid : "Ouch! My shin!
You: "Maybe you should have been wearing a helmet!!"

*Friend gets kicked in the balls*
Friend: "I think you popped a nut!!"
You: "Maybe you should have been wearing a helmet!!"
by TheyCallMeStoner December 6, 2010
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(English; "Bo Burnham" Quotation Fragment; Slang;) --- "Acts as a comedic sentence that holds multiple meanings to be understood by a person or persons observing the 'joke' through means of sound or sight."

"One meaning probable to be invoked is the replenishment of edibles within an enclosed kitchen appliance that recycles and restores cold air."

"This is tied together with the second section <"A girl ... *stock* it."> as an artist's jocose reference to engaging in the act of coitus with another individual of the female gender."

"Another possible cite that can be interpreted from this comedic quotation is the use of the two homophones stock;stalk) attempting a 'play-on-words' that implies that a third-party undergo the act of following the previously stated individual of the female sex a single time within a seven day period."

*(Quotation Fragment/Comedian mentions no indication as to whether the appointed female be aware of the other's presence and/or tailing)
Refer to word slot, you rooty-poot candy-ass. I understand it's more than a singular word, but it's an expression. Filthy casual. I bet you're viewing this (A girl's like a fridge, once a week you should stalk it.) in Internet Explorer.
by Etch-A-Sketchy May 28, 2015
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