A term used towards grown fictional men who have the fandom in a loving chokehold.
Person 1: Oh my god, Arataka Reigen from Mob Psycho 100 is such a babygirl.
Person 2: I agree! I think Zhongli from Genshin Impact is quite babygirl too!
by ohyeahbabyswag1122 September 14, 2022
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A fictional man who a tumblr user likes a lot. Similar to a blorbo or a poor little meow meow.
wow this guy from my shows is so pathetic. I love him. Come here babygirl 😘
by rancidkitty June 26, 2022
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A nickname for only the most rare and unique girl out there. A babygirl is a girl who is always there for you when nobody else is. They stick by your side for years and watch you get with girls who only want to tear you down. When this girl finally is yours make sure that you never let her go. . A babygirl is a girl who will stay on the phone with you for countless hours or until she falls asleep. As your relationship progresses you will notice just how cute her giggle and smile really are. They will be something that even if your day is horrible, they can brighten it up. Along your journey you will have some rough patches but when you really think about what's going on you will call and apologize to her and tell her you love her. There are many qualities that can be associated with a babygirl. For instance, they are funny, sweet, cute, outgoing, proud, sexy, spontaneous, adorable, trustworthy, honest, sincere, loving, wifey-type, babymama-type, giggley, cheesy, dumb, soulmate, attractive, wonderful, beautiful, and amazing. Just to name a few. She will make your heart beat fast and cause you to get tongue tied all the time over the phone.
by phillyboy4life January 22, 2011
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Word used to describe a cute submissive man that exudes the essence of being fertile.
Omg that boy is so babygirl.
by fertile submissive man March 2, 2023
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jisung is fulfilling his babygirl's duties in skz
by skzoutsold February 24, 2023
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A male character who does questionable things but is so sad and pathetic you can’t help but love them.
Theon Greyjoy is so babygirl. I just want to wrap him in a nice warm blanket and assure him that everything’s gonna be okay.
by brenna <3 March 26, 2023
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sometimes babygirl is a 48 year old man named pedro pascal!!
Emma: look at this man *shows pedro pascal*

Allie: woah he is so BABYGIRLLLLL
by iheartpedro April 10, 2023
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