Someone who reminds somebody else about something he forgot to ask.
How did you won that Pastry contest?
Funny you should ask.
I made a cake covered in cream and strawberries.
That made me victorious.
by BlackPohatu October 18, 2016
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The saying that a person is about to use before going off on a three-hour monologue about something that happened to them that you accidentally brought up.
You: How is your dog
Person: Funny you should ask
*3 hours later*
Person: that's how it all happened
You: can i go now
by Trumps last name March 2, 2020
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A phrase spoken by a man to a woman when he wants to be punched in the face.
Man 1. I can't believe she punched me in the face! My nose is bleeding.
Man 2. What did you say to her?
Man 1. Nothing! I just said you should smile more.
Man 2. Dumbass--that's code for "punch me in the face, please."
by espressoninja June 1, 2021
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A coded phrase with origins in the work place to reject someone when no legitimate reason can be found.
“Thank you Tim this concludes your performance review. However, we’ve decided not to proceed with promotion at this time.”
“Oh, ok. Can I ask why.”
“I want to feel you’re a part of this team. Tell you what, you should smile more, it’ll help you project yourself.”
by Anonimuchinternestu May 24, 2018
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Famous word said by LTG, while in the background Chloë Hanslip plays Bazzini - La Ronde des Lutins, Op. 25 is being played
ltg: Your life is nothing, you serve zero pupose. you should kill yourself NOW!
Person 1: OK
by the sidemen September 22, 2021
The best five words a single man can get from a girl on the phone.

Guy: Hello?

Girl: Hey, you should come over.
by TomKVideo December 9, 2008
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when you are a bad bitch and billie eilish is your fucking idol
billie eilish: "if you think im pretty, you should see me in a crown...:
someone irrelevant: "billie eilish is pretty"

me: "then you should see her in a crown."
someone irrelevant: "what does that have to do with anyth-"
by Dark_Angel952 July 20, 2018
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