A derogatory term to describe a pretentiously irritating person who exhibits an overblown involvement or appreciation of the arts

Artsy-fartsy individuals tend to be unemployed and enjoy finger-painting.
I cannot stand the artsy-fartsy type; they are just a bunch of trendy hippies.”
by tttico February 6, 2010
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Anything produced in the arts that is over the top eccentric and comes out looking stupid. The artist who created it is usually some loser who tries to be different, but does the same thing as every other artsy-fartsy type. They tend to think their works are unique, creatively genius, good for all humanity, abstract, and expressive. If the artists is a film maker then the movie makes absolutely no sense, will have random shots, is usually shot in black and white, and has stupid monotone dialogue. If they are a musician then they create music specific for avant-garde. The music is a bunch of noise with no harmony, rhythm, or present melody. The artist says his or her piece of music details the work of a Picasso painting.

Every 'artsy-fartsy' person is an aspiring artist. Even if they just go to museums to stare at paintings and act like they have a true passion for it, they can't help but create their own pieces of trash. Then they show it off to the public and the public tells them they suck. So the artists always respond with "no one understands my vision" or some stupid excuse like that.

Don't confuse the phony artsy-fartsy types from the real artists. Real artists will consistently change their style of work and explore new areas. The fakes will copy off a real artist and make the same pointless work for the rest of their career. Real artists will never cheese-out.
"Film festivals are filled with 'artsy-fartsy films'."

"I don't like my teacher. He's too artsy-artsy".
by Joe May 7, 2008
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An adjective describing that which is flaky, pretentious or superficial, specifically in relation to art and culture; can either denote an artistic object or a person (i.e. one practicing or claiming to practice an art form). Originally used homophobically, in which sense it is synonymous with art fag.
I don't understand what my son does, it's so artsy-fartsy.


Ken called himself a painter just because he was the artsy-fartsy one in highschool.
by E.L. Symons March 29, 2006
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1. the fat gassy guy in your art class
2. a bathroom artist
1. "Jeff is so artsy-fartsy. Give him my Gas-X."
2. "I don't care if you're artsy-fartsy Peter, get out of the damn bathroom!"
by Senor Spam January 14, 2007
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someone who does a fine art, like painting masterpieces, but acts like they are better than everyone else
Herman is very artsy-fartsy when people start talking about their jobs.
by AcousticEmo December 4, 2008
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something supposedly highly cultural, but to the regular sane person merely pretentious.
ABSTRACT ARTIST: This old boot stuck to a canvas represents fading life and lost integrity....
TEENAGER: Uh, yeh, dude, it's just an artsy fartsy old boot.
by Helen Partallama November 8, 2010
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used to describe either a person who does weird art for the sake of being artsy or the art that a person like that does. artsy fartsy is generally bad artwork that is made so weird and hard to understand, that people just assume it's genius.
"that artsy farsty girl just painted a canvas black. she thinks it represents her pain, but i think it's just artsy fartsy."
by valerie July 20, 2004
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