tottallly chill band, one of the best indie rock bands and one of the most well known. popular songs flouresent adolecent.AWSOME!!!!! yet not that well known.
Alex Turner
Jamie Cook
Nick O'Malley
Matt Helders<<<band memebers
Kid1:I lovee all music soo much i have the best play list?
Kid2: so what type of music do you like ?
Kid1:Britany spears,you?
Kid2:oh im into indierock,artic monkeys is a cool band
kid1:whatss indie rock? ..why havnt i herd them on kiss 108
Kid: maybe cause you bought your entire playlist off itunes most popular catagorie mainstreem bitch
by sexkitten22bb August 15, 2011
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The word ARTICAL comes from HARTICAL,Some one or person thats life decisions an daily fuction is made on the impulse of the heart beat,ex on how fast or slow it beats may effect there results of there emotions,live by the law of love thy brother an sister,biblical,an spirtual
DON- a person or individual who is respected in the,village,home town,a term which arive from the notorious life style of the early mob stairs at a time when wine an liquor was not yet legal,a don is normally known to be the ghetto,hood politcal representative
on how fast or slow it beats may could effect there results of there emotions, ARTICAL DON
by artical March 06, 2009
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when you poop and put it in the freezer for a couple hours and use it as a dildo for pleaser.
jessica V. went poop and felt horny so she made a artic suprise because her boyfriend wasnt around.
by stephanieeeholla July 01, 2009
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When someone takes a shit inside a condom and puts its in the freezer inorder to use it as a dildo.
"Hey man do you have any dildos?"
"No, I use a Artic Pipeline!"
by jigglypufffuckyeah! June 28, 2009
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an amazinq drink or amazinq iced tea that most fishtown people drink
hey im from fishtown and like artic splash
by heyheyfishtownrec1 March 21, 2011
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When your in the process of blowing the male genitals and you sneez while the cum starts rushing into your mouth. You sneeze out the coming drizzling down your tunge and your shirt. This is quite painful and bloody noses usually occur afterwords.
Girl 1: Hey Jenna how are you today.
Girl 2: Well my nose is fractured because my stupid boyfriend gave me a stupid Artic Sneeze.

Girl 3. Did someone say Artic Sneeze, I got one yesterday and now I'm eternally bleeding out of my nose.
by Schanzer April 24, 2017
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