A common misspelling of the word "arctic," usually made by people with a fourth-grade education.
John: Hay letz go to the Artic pol!
Jane: Its spelled Arctic you dumbass.
by Spelling Police July 27, 2006
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Articulated lorry, used for very fat woman. See also curtainsider.

PS The cold place is the ARCTIC, dumbass.
Shes a bit of an artic.
by oracle March 12, 2004
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The Artice is a visual and musical artist out of Windsor Ontario, Canada. His local talent is very popular and he is a hip-hop creator from the underground rap group "The Expansion Family". With rap music he tries his hardest to be origional as he can coming up with new ideas and expressions of himself constantly. The rap group consists of four members (The Artice, Disciple-X, Insyght, and B More) and they work with many affiliates. Music from The Artice continues to be released daily.
The Artice hits: Agony(Virginity) ft. Lingo, Excuses Excuses ft. Lingo, Afro Phaze, Supa Steeze, Ensmoothiasm . . . etc.
by ExpansionFan April 15, 2011
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a smooth dude, very emotional but in a good way. He is very intelligent and knows how to be serious yet can be a cool ass and laugh and joke when he wants. he's very outspoken and doesn't mind telling you when your wrong. A great person to be around is very unique and different. a irresistible personality.
get artice cool ass outta here
by Artyyyyyy March 13, 2017
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a common misspelling of the word article, ie. of clothing, journalism, etc.
i ) that was a pretty artical she was wearing last night!

ii) I read an artical the other day about the benefits of legalizing drugs.
by crankybones December 12, 2012
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Artic- encompassing many diamond
That watch you purchased from Ferrell Watches.com is artic
by Kevin Wright, the Jeweler November 06, 2007
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I. Cooler than cool.

II.The epitome of coolness
"Damb that song is artic"
by PFrancisKo December 23, 2012
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