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A boy's name. Referring to the calmness of the ocean. Confident and proud, he is extremely lucky with many things, and he is often laid back. He also has great personality and passion of knowledge. Given with any situation, he can handle anything. He often lives in the mystery, living in the darkness sometimes. People love him as people love the ocean. He might be purely evil like Lucifer inside, but for all we know, he is the nicest guy. But there is always more to him than we might think. Either way, that guy is a bro
Look at that ocean, he is so chill and calm!
by awesomelesserpanda November 04, 2012
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Ocean is the most wonderful girl u could ever meet, if u dis her, ur dumb! Never leave her cause if you do u will wanna leave urself, she is the most beautiful person and loves her friends and family more than anything! She's good at sports and mostly likes either Hockey or Soccer! Never think twice about being besties with this one!!!
Girl 1: Wow Ocean is so beautiful and she must have loads of friends!!!

Girl 2: Yea I'm so jealous!!! I want to be her bestie!!!
by Bubbles_snail_21 May 02, 2018
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An ocean is a beautiful thing u or I can sit at for hours and never dulls oceans are the prettiest and most calming thing on earth
by Mollym0705 June 06, 2019
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A Beautiful Thing that can Brighten up your day with just a smile, She is creative and very VERY nice, she is a very loving Girlfriend. When she doesn't know how to comfort you she pats you on the back, head, or shoulder, Be it makes you feel better because its her, She is an amazing friend, and girlfriend.
Kaite: Hey who do you like?
Jillian: my Girlfriend Ocean
by Cray919 April 17, 2018
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A body of water which has continuosly assaulted humanity by way of sharks, tsunamis, and bermuda triangles.
We need to kill the ocean, before it is too late.
by Ocean Truth Society January 07, 2005
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another word for a woman's vagina, used in popular songs such as adult swim and the fix
Oh, I'll lay you down and go down
Girl, 'til I reach your ocean
Oh -ooo-ooo
by dj dancer December 10, 2015
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