When a girl puts ice in her mouth and the gives you head
Hey bitch give me an artic plunge
by Mutha fucking Jones February 03, 2017
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An Artic Snowcricket is a small unseen creature that has the same sound characteristics of a barking spider. Sometimes mistaken for flatulence.
*fart sound*

"Dude, did you hear that Artic Snowcricket!?"
by Rickybigblock June 26, 2017
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When two people get into 69 position and they see how fast they can shove frozen gogurt into each others asses. Good for straight and gay couples.
I love giving rimjobs after artic rush
by Birlky Nuisance April 07, 2009
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The Act of masturbating when it is snowy outside, once ready to release semen, get outside and extract your semen while your penis is submerged in snow
My Friends and I totally did an artic release in the blizzard of 2010
by China Boy 12 August 16, 2011
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Sarah Palin's ass, or more specifically, her anus.

The Artic Circle should not be confused with the Arctic Circle, which is warmer and much more comfy.

The Artic Circle is in close proximity to Lake Flaccid.
Todd thought that he was the first one to explore the Artic Circle, until he saw all of the doggie paw prints which were there before he arrived.

Sarah Palin wants to be President so that she can expand drilling rights in the Artic Circle.
by Pod Tailin' February 09, 2010
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Generally performed during spite sex. Just as the woman nears climax pull out and initiate the Houdini. As she turns around, you climax in her hair and while walking away throw a previously frozen wash cloth at her and yell "have fun getting that out Roxy".
That Roxy chick can be real bitch, so after a few drinks I am going to give her an artic blast!
by lilbraswell May 25, 2014
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When you insert the neck of a bottle of blue mouthwash up your ass and do a hand stand.
"hmm" George said to Steve...."minty freash"
by Monty April 01, 2005
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