A word that a milkbag created and all his friends laughed at like retards.(its also PG)
Well damb that was hot.
by SuperSoggy October 3, 2017
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Smitty: YEET.

Tyler: Damb.

Craig: Fuck off.
by Yelraws December 21, 2017
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For people who don't know how to spell "damn".
by Damb Dan March 18, 2010
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Adjective, To express shock at stupidity. To express the seriousness of a dumb situation.
Damb. I can’t believe José was arrested for smuggling expired milk into Canada.
by DonFabolos June 9, 2018
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A mix of dumb and damn.
"That's pretty damn dumb."
"Well its damb then."
by The Vibester September 13, 2020
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An big but expected surprise for example going to the pawg convention and seeing a nice bunda.
Damb son that pawg got a nice looking bunda.
by Logangsta69 February 18, 2021
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A combination of the word Damn and Dumb. This was created to be a substitute for Damn but not as bad as darn.
Matt- Can I come over?
Bertram- No I hate you
Matt- Damb dude
by Dambandnerd January 23, 2018
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