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An artist who takes nobody and nothing seriously, not even themselves, and uses humor and parody in their art. The opposite of an artiste.
The arteest's sculpture was a hilarious commentary on nothing.
by AgentKaz October 10, 2008
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An incredibly artistic being. A person who has such a way with words that it stirs the soul. A lyrical entity enabled with the ability to create great literary works of poetry and song. A well versed individual with a spellbinding talent for constructing prose and couplets, free verses and spoken word.
That guy Greg Akers on Facebook is such an Arteest.
by Hustleman28 February 04, 2010
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A person who is not really an artist but believes themself to be, so therefore puts theirself up on a pompous pedistal. This person often randomly accuses others of stealing thier art and peruses the internet daily in search of said theft. Copyright violation is thier number one priority although many times they are found to be violators as well.
Connie the Arteest is a rabid enforcer of art protection but her art is ghastly and she steals her backgrounds.
by velocity3d July 24, 2008
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