ah shit here we go again
ah shit here we go again
by Jerrymiah June 10, 2019
the act of of being upset that you have to do the same act again.
Worker: ah shit here we go again
by SliceOfPi3 April 28, 2021
When its that time and you know your in for it.
CJ: Ah shit, Here we go again.
by Walugie April 18, 2019
Something that is mandatory to say when you do something that is usually hard and now you must do it again because of unknown circumstances. Frequently said when encountering Sans in a dark alleyway and accidentally playing 'Hey Ya' by Outkast a second time. Originally from GTA: San Andreas.
You: *Finished listening to Hey Ya*

You: wow what a good song.

Hey Ya: *Plays again*

You: ah shit, here we go again

Mom: *calls your name*

You: What??

Mom: *says nothing*

You: ah shit, here we go again
by stonedweeb May 8, 2019
That thing you say when you have to do another annoying thing again like work, school, taking care of your fucking kids dad why don’t you come back please Ryan
by Heythatsrude May 10, 2019
A sentence that is usually used to make jokes / memes.
*another gun has been added to the game*
Me : Ah shit, here we go again..
by Nogger Albin September 4, 2019