There are many different kinds of art students in the world, all with a different perogative and reason for persuing the artistic field. I'm going to outline the main ones, but remember that all these definitions aren't set in stone and can be blended together.

1. Lazy art student. These people usually study art because they think it will be easy and that anyone can paint a masterpiece. They think they can just shit whatever onto a canvas and say "TA-DA!" and they'll get an A+. But they find out in good time that there is nothing easy about art school and that they actually HAVE to broaden their horizons and work hard to be successful.

2. Procrastinator art students. Not to be confuse with Lazy art students. These are the students that are likely to have a plethora of ideas and emotions and great things circling their mind. But since they're procrastinators they don't attempt to put it to paper until the very night before an assignment is due. In frustration they'll give up on what was potentially something great and do something much simpler, without as much thought.

Unlike lazy art students, they most likely DO know that it takes hard work to be an artist, they simply do not have the drive it requires.

3. Shy art students. Like procrastinating art students, the shy ones probably know that you must work and have great ideas to work with. But the one true flaw in these art students is that they fear what people will say them and their art.

They worry if the message is too contoversial or just stupid, if this nude will be regarded as gratuitous, if people will find his/her technique ameteur, and so on and so forth. So they will usually change it to make it more streamlined and give it a less interpretable message.

4. Rich art students. Just what it sounds like. These are rich kids who decide to use their college fund to attend art school. These people are usually a mixture of different kinds of art students, particularly lazy and annoying ones. Occasionally you will find a rich art student that is actually serious about being there and really knows what they're doing with their life, but more than likely it's someone who'se trying to get back at their parents for pushing them to hard to be a lawyer/doctor/join the family business/etc.

5. Annoying art students. These students more than likely love art and love to draw/paint/whatever but they get very obsessive about it and often place themselves upon a pedestal as "one of the greatest". Sometimes they will refuse and even get offended at serious critiques. And last, there are a few, like lazy and rich art students, that have little talent or vision to offer.

6. Serious art students. These are the students that know what they're doing at art school, they know it's not easy and that it takes work and they welcome the challenge. They might not always have a fantastic vision to work with but they can and will find a way to make something better. They study art movements, history, techniques, various mediums and more importantly other artists.
Examples of what art students are likely to say.

1. "I don't really have any skills but I need to amke a living. I know! I'll just go to art school and become famous, it'll be fun and easy."

2. "Oh man, this is due tomorrow, but i just can't seem to paint what I'm seeing in my mind... whatever, I'll just paint a forest and I'll get it right next time."

3."Maybe I shouldn't draw a nude afterall, I mean, what if everyone calls me a pervert? I'll just put a nice dress on her."

4. "Dammit dad, I don't want to be a doctor! I want to live on the edge! I'm going to art school!"


"I wish my parents would understand that I don't want to go to law school. I love art and I want to go to art school."

5. "This painting is so great, everyone will love it. There's no way they could critique something so perfect. If they do they're just jealous."

6. "This is okay, but how can I make it better? I'll get someone else to come and look at it and tell me what they think. There's always room for improvement."
by Mollneedsasmoke February 7, 2009
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All of the other definitions suck so I decided to add my own. I'm sure some art students might be lazy but it's stupid to judge all art students by the ones that suck. There are lots of art students who are very talented and hard-working who major in art because they want to expand their mind.

Just because a person goes to college for art doesn't mean that they are wasting their time or that they are lazy or stupid. Anyone who thinks being an art student is easy, go take a foundation class and see what grade you make.
An art student can be smart and studying art is just as hard as studying anything else. Some art students might be lazy potheads, but you could say that about any group of people.
by Jodie V June 13, 2008
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well it shows how foolish most of you are. art school is for creative people, yes. but it is not just for people who want to be actual artists, in fact that they make up a small percentage. mostly it students who want to do something different, and want to have a career that they are actually happy with. such as illustration, game and movie design, fashion, industrial design, photography, and a lot more. and it is far from easy. they just dont want to be zombies waking up with the same dead end job, day in and day out, wishing they had done something more with their lives.
art student wants to put there natural born talent to work, instead of wasting it
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1. Someone who wastes 4 years and at least $100,000NZD in art school, still can't draw, can't paint, don't know anything about print media, photography, design, film, etc. Work as a part-time cleaner and teacher's aide in high school art department. Gets frequently rejection from hopeless job search/interviews.

2. Someone who has too much money to spend too much time to waste.

3. Rich mum who has too much time on her hands.

4. Rich nerdy style guy who draws worse than your 7 year-old brother.

5. Naive wannabe-comic-artist student who comes to the wrong place to learn how to draw comics.

6. Smart but lazy person

7. Art-theory geek
by Muffinsnail September 13, 2006
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no qualifications, no hope, no point.
convinced a turd on a dinner plate will sell for millions, although other art students will pay for it (why?)
shit, failed my GCSE's, off to art college then.
by jason April 13, 2004
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Those who persue the field of art mostly because they are so uninteresting and cannot carry on a conversation with the common person. They instead insist on "expressing" themselves with their "art."

Their unoriginal works of "art" will never be able to afford them the personality implants necessary to function outside of the campus environment.

Commonly referred to as introverted snots that mistake funky hair and trendy clothes for individualism.
Art students can usually be found in any coffee house or college student union.
by Donny Fleischer March 9, 2010
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A person who goes to college for art cuz she think its gonna be easy, then realizes its not. She will either change her major, find a way to get a lot of work done really fast and pretend its creative, or fail. They also spend all their money on art supplies and field trips to art museums, and can never pay back their loans cuz they make no money.
Art Student: Ugh! I'm broke and I have no time for a job, all because I am an art student!
Business student: Switch to be a business major.
by Erin M November 3, 2005
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