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A member of a degenerate subspecies of humans (Latin name homo sapiens nequequam) that bears a marked visual similarity to ordinary homo sapiens. The homo sapiens nequequam can be distinguished by the following behaviors:

* Whining at the end of the semester to their professors to give them a higher letter grade in a class they failed even though they don't understand the material because "they'll never need to know it anyway."
* Exhibiting a complete lack of creative, artistic, scientific, or mathematical capacity, as well as any desire to exert themselves intellectually.
* Having no long term goals in life other than spawning more ignorant brats, playing golf, watching football, and making lots of money, and generally succeeding at all but the last.
* Prioritizing their school life as follows:
1. Getting Drunk
2. Fucking
3. Making Money
4. Staying Skinny/Buff
5. Spending Daddy's money
6. Driving Daddy's car
7. Studying
* Insisting that their major really is as hard as all the others, thereby exhibiting a lack of appreciation for true academic progress reminiscent of a denizen of Plato's cave.
* Voting Republican.
HS guidance counsellor: So, what do you want to study in college?

Moron: I dunno.

Counsellor: Well, what are you interested in doing with your life?

Moron: Banging hot chicks and raking in the cash.

Consellor: How do you plan to achieve that?

Moron: Ima be a CEO.

Consellor: ...

Moron: Yeh dad sez I can be a business major just like him and then Ill have it made.

Consellor: *facepalm*
by mathnazi May 12, 2010
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Someone who ought to not be attending college. These people are generally completely clueless as to what they want to do with themselves but are too stupid to study a real subject and so major in business thinking that it will somehow lead to money. Sadly what these sad individuals tend to not realize is that they're a dime a dozen and should be counting their blessings if they manage to get a job that doesn't involve the phrase "would you like fries with that?"
"That guy we just passed had business major written all over him."

"A real loser huh?"
by Made Fiend August 16, 2007
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Students whom couldn't handle a real academic path, and are now Excel jockies. They yell "BOOM!" in your residence halls while others with actual degrees (IE: Electrical Engineering) are progressing themselves academically via homework and studying.
Resident 1: That kid is always roaming the halls yelling "BOOM!" and smashing his face into walls.

Resident 2: That would be a classic symptom of being a "Business Major."
by hexwolf December 02, 2007
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