6 definitions by Muffinsnail

1. Someone makes you smile all the time.
2. You like to hold his hand and walk on the street looking for nothing
3. You always enjoy having food with him--even the food is not that enjoyable
4. You automatically call him up everynight just want to hear his voice, knowing that he is happy and having a good night
5. You are very proud of him when you introduce him to everyone
6. He is loyal, honest to you, and he makes you feel like a princess
7. He remembers all the important days eg. anniversiry of first day together, your birthday, etc. And he buys nice cute presents for you
8. He remembers whatever you say
9. He will respect you and not having sex with you before marriage--although he is really desperate.
10. He cries when you feel bad
11. He is happy when you feel happy
12. He always and endlessly supports you in all aspects: emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.
13. He wants to be with you forever, and even next life
14. He feels warm and proud when he sees you are chatting with his old nana
15. He asks for day off from work as soon as he knows you are depressed
16. He is always planning for the future, with you
17. He whispers good night with your name before he sleeps every night
18. He dreams of you
19. He wakes up and he thinks of you
20. Every night he text you good night with smile, and every morning he text you good morning and have a good day at work/school
by Muffinsnail September 12, 2006
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GAITF stands for Great Artist In The Future, set up by Muffinsnail for supporting those unknown artists in New Zealand. Since all famous expensive selling artists were once unknown artist, therefore we must buy their painting before they get too famous and their paintings are too expensive.
Gosh! What a GAITF! Her art is absolutely gorgeous! And the price is too!
by Muffinsnail September 12, 2006
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1. The only place has no exam in the whole university.

2. A place you pay money for learning to think on your own.

3. A place where you will never learn how to draw comics.

4. Another kindergarten for late-teenagers/adult/grown-ups.

5. A place where you have to learn everything on your own.

6. A place makes you spend at least $100,000NZD and 4 years and find no job after you graduate.

7. A place where a retarded person can be treated as an emerging artist.

8. A place teaches you to appreciate EVERYTHING, including bad art.
1. Mom: "So how's your exam?" Son: "Oh, we don't have any exam."

2. Art student: "So what do you think of my artwork?" Art lecturer: "...what do you think?"

3. Art lecturer: "...you don't come here to learn how to draw or how to paint..." Art student: "Isn't that just so disgusting?" Art lecturer: "Well, that's just art school."

4. Visitors to art school: "Gosh, what a kindergarten!"

5. Art lecturer: "Ok, this is the brief for this semester...you can go to the library to do some artist research...or if you have any qustions I will be either in my office or having a cigarrette outside..."

6. Mum: "So what are you going to do after you graduate?" Art student: "dunno."

7. Emerging art student: "Art is rubbish!"

8. Art lecturer: "So anyone has comment for her?" All the art students: "nice/ great/ gorgeous/ fantastic/ wonderful..."
by Muffinsnail September 15, 2006
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1. Someone who wastes 4 years and at least $100,000NZD in art school, still can't draw, can't paint, don't know anything about print media, photography, design, film, etc. Work as a part-time cleaner and teacher's aide in high school art department. Gets frequently rejection from hopeless job search/interviews.

2. Someone who has too much money to spend too much time to waste.

3. Rich mum who has too much time on her hands.

4. Rich nerdy style guy who draws worse than your 7 year-old brother.

5. Naive wannabe-comic-artist student who comes to the wrong place to learn how to draw comics.

6. Smart but lazy person

7. Art-theory geek
by Muffinsnail September 13, 2006
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Bad Art has at least five definitions:

1. The art is so horribly bad and you just want to puke after you view it.

2. The bad artwork is just simply so boring and you forget it after you see it because it is just ordinarily bad.

3. The bad artwork is not actually that bad, but maybe the colour, perspective, proportion, or shape has a slightly false, and the tiny imperfection just simply annoys you.

4. The bad artwork looks attractive and fabulous in other people’s eyes but for some reasons you just don’t know how to appreciate it.

5. The most successful work that you have ever done but no one is ever interested in your work, makes you wonder what’s wrong with your perspective of aesthetics.
1. "Ew... Look at that bad art... Isn't that horrible?"

2. "So what did you see in the gallery today?" "um, some bad art I guess?"

3. "I don't really like Picasso's portraits paintings"

4. "Why is Monalisa famous?"

5. "What's wrong with my self-portrait painting?"
by Muffinsnail September 11, 2006
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