Does not exist because everyone has an opinion and asshole.
"Hey you got some bad art hanging on your wall."
by Lann April 12, 2005
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Bad Art has at least five definitions:

1. The art is so horribly bad and you just want to puke after you view it.

2. The bad artwork is just simply so boring and you forget it after you see it because it is just ordinarily bad.

3. The bad artwork is not actually that bad, but maybe the colour, perspective, proportion, or shape has a slightly false, and the tiny imperfection just simply annoys you.

4. The bad artwork looks attractive and fabulous in other people’s eyes but for some reasons you just don’t know how to appreciate it.

5. The most successful work that you have ever done but no one is ever interested in your work, makes you wonder what’s wrong with your perspective of aesthetics.
1. "Ew... Look at that bad art... Isn't that horrible?"

2. "So what did you see in the gallery today?" "um, some bad art I guess?"

3. "I don't really like Picasso's portraits paintings"

4. "Why is Monalisa famous?"

5. "What's wrong with my self-portrait painting?"
by Muffinsnail September 11, 2006
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