A phrase used when someone asks you to help with something and you don't want to.
Guy: Hey can you help me fix my mailbox?
You: The fuck? No. Do it yourself.
by HMEPLTE August 30, 2015
A person who likes creating things from materials himself/herself (often watching video tutorials on the Internet).
It is a well-established store patronized by many of carpenters, the interior-designers and the do-it-yourselfers.
by juliaushka March 19, 2017
A term used to describe someone who insists upon making and repairing everything themselves, often to the detriment of their relations with others.
Janet: Today is our anniversary, but all Joe wants to do is stay home and tile the shower.

Janet's mom: Serves you right! You could have married Billy Ackerman, but noooo. You had to have someone handy. You should have listened to me when I warned you that he was do-it-yourself-centered.
by Empty D October 1, 2009
to have sex with yourself, and you should because Lauren Jauregui said everyone should
Lauren speaking in her really hot voice: "Girls that do themselves!"
(meaning she thinks you should do yourself)
by plsfvckmelauren June 2, 2015
Some one who clearly hasn't done even the simpelist form of daily hygien in mounths. commenly abbriviated as a DIYD. this phrase comes from the fact that thier hair actually starts to dread ionto horrible dirty looking dread locks on its own.(not appliable to a bald headed person)
you stink sooooooooo bad if u actually had hair I bet u would be a Do It Yourself Dreader.
by JynxxStarrdust December 11, 2010
(verb phrase, colloquial euphemism)

To die by suicide, chronic self-abuse or careless behavior.
We've brought you to the Crisis Intervention ward because you tried to do yourself in.

Slow down on the wet road, or you'll do yourself in.

Shooting heroin and coke together is a surefire recipe to do yourself in.
by david lincoln brooks December 29, 2011
School appropriate way of telling someone to go kill themselves. (stated or shouted jokingly.)
(inserted name): can somebody help me carry-

DO IT YOURSELF (insert name here)
(inserted name): (joking) FINE I WILL *carries object by themselves*
by Kat_Rose February 17, 2019