when something costs an arm and leg, it means it's very expensive.
- Dude, UCLA's tuition is an arm and leg.
- Indeed.
by JaVaX February 4, 2012
To become substantially more complicated, especially when this was unforeseen. Colloquial expression, primarily used in (British) English. Origin: by analogy to human biological development in the womb.
The project seemed simple at first, but now it's starting to grow arms and legs.
by mattgemmell July 30, 2015
To be pregnant, to the point of definately being obvious that there is a baby inside of you
Kylie can't come out with us anymore.
Yeh i havent seen her for ages, whats with that?
She's full of arms and legs.
Oh, ok.


Look at that bird over there, is she chock full of arms and legs or what?
by jamie_ledge July 18, 2006
a. Nice watch, you must have spent a fortune!

b. Yeah it better be nice it costs an arm, a leg and a vagina !
by Cont78 December 18, 2010
an outrageously high price, en excessive price
Don't pay an arm and a leg for your internet service, switch to -* insert company name here *- today.
by The Return Of Light Joker October 10, 2007